Swash Bidet Seat Troubleshooting

  • Benedicte Matitawaer

    Hi there,

    We have owned the Brondell CL1700 for almost 2.5 years (bought in Dec. 2020), we were extremely satisfied until yesterday we noticed there were some leaks coming from the small holes on top of the drain plug = as seen on the picture on the owner's manual Swash CL1700 Advanced Bidet seat- page 8 (from both sides left and right) when I pushed the front and rear wash buttons.

    Please help and advise what need to be done to fix the issues.

    Thanks and regards



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  • Corpilla

    The light randomly turns on and cannot be turned off with the remote. (Pressed plus sign for 4 seconds )

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  • Joshua Jernigan

    Hi, I have an se400 and it has stopped spraying water. The nozzle comes out and sits there as if it’s in the wash cycle but it will not spray any water. If you end the cycle, no water comes out the clean the nozzle when it retracts back in. The o Lu thing I’ve found that temporarily fixes it is to pull the drain plug on the bidet and then turn water back on to fill it up. When releasing water from the tank, it spurs out like there’s a lot of built up pressure inside of it.

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  • Samuel Guill

    Greeting, we have a S1000-EW purchased Sept 2019.  It's worked perfectly until yesterday.  It starts to wash and immediatly stops.  Help.

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